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The Beginning Is The End

“En una sociedad decadente, el arte, si es veraz debe también reflejar la decadencia y a menos que quiera quebrantar la fe con su función social, el arte debe mostrar el Mundo como algo en continuo cambio.Y ayudar a cambiarlo”

Ernst Fischer


Society is schizophrenic. As a child and later as an adult, the lessons we are taught advise us how to behave in one way and the actions expected can be quite different altogether. We are but young boys and girls falling down a rabbit hole on a wondrous misadventure waiting for the screenwriters to write the next scene so we can memorize our lines.

Things will never be the same
Still Im awfully glad I came
Resonating in the shape of things to come
Never waiting when I know theres only one

Messed it up but rest assured
No one ever thinks theyre cured
Just a minute while I reinvent myself
Make it up and then I take it off the shelf

Over the laws of light
Over the moon by midnight
Lets do it all this time
Everyone wishing well we go

Everyone knows anything goes
We are the lotus kids
Better take note of this
For the story

The rising moon is on the shine
The blood of scorpios a nine
Like the fear thats in the eyes of every doe
Say it now cause Lennon and Morrison would like to know

Is it safe inside your head
Songs to serenade the dead
All along I said I know no enemies
Mix it up until there are no pedigrees

Enter the rolling tide
Over the ocean so wide

Lets do it all this time
Everyone wishing well we go

The Beginning Is The End

Seduciendo tu mente para comprar cosas que no necesitas, con dinero que no tienes.

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